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Windows 10 Upgrade causing Regit Cash Register to Freeze on startup.

You need to BACKUP your data prior to performing these steps.  If you do not you could loose all your data permanently.  Backup by copying the c:\RegitPOS\POSdata subfolder out of the c:\RegitPOS folder to another location.  If you do not know how to do this, you need to find someone who does.


1.  You need to reinstall Regit POS.


2.  Download a copy of the final version of Regit POS (version 4.63e) at


3.  Double click the .exe file to begin installation.


4.  When you get to this screen STOP.  If you fail to follow these instructions you will OVERWRITE your DATA!


5.  Select the second one down.  If you select the default one, you will PERMANENTLY OVERWRITE your DATA!

Select "Single User or Network Server (Do Not Install New Data Files).




6.  Complete the install.